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See you at the Fairbank Summerfest June 27-28, 2020!


Thanks to all our vendors. Check back in 2020 for updates.

Many of Fairbank Village's fabulous local stores and restaurants will be participating in the Fairbank Summerfest!
We'll also have a number of great visiting vendors joining us for the event who are listed below! More vendors coming soon.

169 Juice

Fresh juice with tapioca.

Espeto Brazil - www.feijoadadepote.com

Espeto Brazil is bringing the best of the Brazilian street food to Ontario. Brazilian experience together with the full Brazilian experience, the mix of flavors that is for everyone, kids-friendly, meat-lovers, vegan, vegetarians, gluten-free!

Eva's Original Chimneys - www.originalchimneys.com

Eva’s Original Chimneys is a Toronto based food truck specializing in freshly baked Hungarian bread-like pastries known as Kurtoskalacs, or Chimney Cakes and Chimney Cones.

Our chimneys cones are made entirely from scratch with a vegan dough with all-natural and mostly organic ingredients. We bake them fresh to order and fill them with premium real-cream soft serve ice cream and make most of our toppings and sauces from scratch with a local baker.

Our food truck features four of our most popular specialty cones: The OG, Apple Crumble, Berrylicious and Chocolate Caramel S'Mores. 

Funnel Cake Express - www.funnelcakeexpress.com

Our funnel cake is served in three signature flavours: Steam Engine, Locomotion and the deluxe fully loaded Bullet which includes unlimited icing sugar, choice of fresh fruit topping and candy topping and is crowned with soft serve ice cream. Funnel Cake Express offer many different deep-fried items from Mars bars, twinkies, to butter. If that’s not enough to satisfy your taste buds, come to our next event to see what other delicious products we have to offer. Each year Funnel Cake Express comes out with a new item to meet every dessert lover’s wish.


We are serving 'real and natural' juice, smoothie, bubble tea, fresh coconut water, sugarcane juice and sparkling lemonade. 

LeafFilter North of Canada Inc. - www.leaffilter.com

LeafFilter Gutter Protection

Métis Nation of Ontario Summer Youth Program - www.metisnation.org/programs/education-training/summer-youth-cultural-program/

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Summer Youth Program (SYP) is centered on sharing and celebrating Métis culture and history through facilitating free activities for people of all ages within the community. Stop by our table and engage with Métis culture and history: learn how to bead a flower or even learn to fingerweave! Also have the chance to test your knowledge on fur trade history by guessing the name and use of the historical items we’ve brought.

PalettAmerica - http://palettamerica.com/pty/

Handcrafted gelato paletas with no colorants, preservatives or artificial flavours. Our paletas are Halal and Kosher friendly and have no syrups or concentrates. 100% real fruit.

Udderly Ridiculous Inc www.udderlyridiculous.ca

Udderly Ridiculous produces Artisanal Goat Milk Ice Cream, made in 6 ridiculously delicious flavours using local ingredients including Ontario Goat Milk and Cream from our family farm. We only use premium real ingredients, no artificial colours or flavours for our ice cream - like Vanilla Bean with Ont Lavender, Peach & Mango puree, Ontario Craft coffee porter beer, VQA Merlot & 74% dark chocolate and cocoa, Fresh squeezed lemon cream & pumpkin puree & spices. Goat milk is easy to digest for those with lactose intolerance and it is higher in nutrients than cow's milk - #makingcowsjealous

Yeeros - www.yeeros.ca

Come visit our Greek food truck and taste real authentic Greek Food. Come and experience the ancient recipes that make Greek food the tastiest food in the world.

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