Flavours of Fairbank - Crowd and Rides Image
See you at Fairbank Summerfest June 23-24, 2018!

How to get there?

Easily accessible by Black Creek Drive, the Allen Expressway and 401 thoroughfares. Find the Green P parking lot accessible from Dufferin St., along Ramsden Rd., one block North of Eglinton Ave.W. Lot's of parking can be found on side streets as well.

The neighbourhood is a short bus-ride (32A, 32C or 32D) from the Eglinton West subway station. Due to diversions on the June 17-18, 2017 weekend, for any easy alternative route take the Dufferin St. bus from the Bloor-Dufferin Station North right to Eglinton Ave.W. More info: TTC

Beyond our control folks! Electrical equipment will be shut down during any rain and then the show will go on when it's stopped and safe:
*Check the forecast

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